Here is what some of our previous customers had to say about the job we did for them:

On behalf of Waterloo North Hydro, I would like to thank all of you for making this happen, Great job”.

– Engineering Supervisor, Waterloo North Hydro, 2014

Dear Mr. McGillivray,

It was with some trepidation we faced our sewer replacement, knowing it was an unusually difficult task. However, thanks to your efficient staff, it was accomplished with minimum disruption to us. Not only that, they were extremely courteous and most helpful and left the house clean and tidy.

It made a great deal of difference to us and we would like you and them to know how much we appreciated it.”

– Home owner

Over the course of the past several years, your company, McGillivray Trenchless Limited, has undertaken numerous trenchless rehab projects with the City of Waterloo, both of a contract and of an emergency nature. In all situations, your response to our requests has been very professional, innovative, and timely in manner. When performing work inside a private residence, your staff has always acted courteously toward the owner, answered their questions and gone the extra mile to ensure that they understand the work to be undertaken. Your willingness to schedule your work around other factors such as traffic concerns, a homeowner working shift work, or vacation schedules is frequently commented on. We also hear comments from homeowners about how clean and tidy your staff leave their residences, and how little disruption your work causes. This is very much appreciated by all concerned.

The type of work performed by you is not always as straightforward as we envision it to be sometimes. Problems and difficulties encountered as a project progresses are met head-on by you, and the solutions implemented are often innovative in nature. You approach all problems as having solutions, and are to be commended on your persistence in seeing a difficult installation through to completion.

Thanks Dale, to you and your staff, for a job well done.”.

– Jonathan Pearce, Inspector, Technical Team from the City of Waterloo

You be the judge… McGillivray Trenchless has over 45 years of experience – we have the reputation of getting the job done right!